Snippy Nguyen

1. My game is called Baking Simulator. I love baking and desserts, so I want to make a game that shows this passion of mine.

My first idea was actually about finding the keys to get out of the apartment to get to class, but after going on Youtube for a while watching indie gameplay, I was inspired by another game called Baking Simulator. It's a very shit simulator game, with very ugly art assets. I thought it would be funny to make a stupid game like that (because bad simulators are just really hilarious)

2. My biggest problem is coding. I am not a good coder and I tend to procrastinate on the codes. It's very hard for me to work with placeholder objects because I am a very visual-oriented person, but I had to get used to it. Figuring out ways to solve the codes and googling them (Robert said never trust Google, but they helped with half of the problems that arose lol) were actually quite fun and rewarding.

Another problem of mine is getting used to Maya and Substance Painter. I just don't like 3D in general, I prefer pseudo-3D or 2D aesthetics. But modeling in Maya is very fun and educational, and I want to get better at this.

3. If I had more time, I would make more models so when the ingredients is dropped into the bowl, it would change into the ingredients sans packaging. But I haven't figured out how to work that. I would add an UI screen that simulates mixing the ingredients.